About Us

About The Doon Little World

The motto of The Doon Little World is based on the mantra 'Let children be themselves'. Here children are not just given wings, but the school also ensures that they develop strong roots. Most importantly, children are loved and made to feel cherished so that they approach life with a positive attitude.

Since birth to the day children start school (0-2 yrs.), they grow at a truly remarkable rate, with more than 80% of their brain development taking place at this time. We know that choosing the right early learning and care environment for your child is one of the most important decisions you can make. As you get to know more about us, you’ll come to see that The Doon Little World is much more than just our name. It’s the very essence of what we do. Our philosophy, our people, our commitment and our resources are all focused on helping give your child the very best possible start in life.

Our professional and dedicated carers provide a program that enables children to learn through exploration and stimulating experiences. We aspire to create an environment that provides enjoyable and creative learning. This is achieved through activities designed to support your child in all areas of growth.